6 Reasons Why ERP Certifications Are So Beneficial

By - Sham
July 19, 2022 12:15 PM

Implementing ERP software is becoming more and more popular for businesses every year, but just because more people are utilizing ERP doesn’t mean that they’re getting the most out of the software. In fact, a large number of companies choose to ignore a crucial step to ERP success, which is ERP certifications. Not only can ignoring this aspect of ERP be disastrous for your employee productivity, but you would also be missing out on the ways that ERP certifications can improve your business. In fact, there are several crucial ways that your business can benefit from utilizing ERP system certifications.

The Main Benefits Of ERP Software Certification

Below are some of the main benefits of utilizing ERP certifications in your organization. 

1. Implementation Success

During ERP implementation, the main focus for most people is on the software itself, the changes required for implementation to run smoothly, and the human resources that are needed to implement it. However, one crucial factor that is often overlooked is training your employees.

As we mentioned, employees are the people who are going to be using the software to get the work done on a day-to-day basis. Training your employees properly not only increases the chance that the entire implementation process is successful but also makes the process go faster. When you don’t train your employees completely, it typically leads to the untapped potential of the ERP software and sometimes even failure to implement it into your organization completely. Therefore, if you want to have a successful ERP implementation, ERP implementation certifications have to be high on your checklist.

2. Increased Employee Productivity

When you don’t provide your employees with ERP software certifications, not only does the success of implementation drop, but your employees will also not be equipped to deal with specific problems if and when they arise. Oftentimes employees will brute force the problem, sometimes making it worse, or they give up entirely without knowing how to proceed.

On the other hand, when ERP certifications are provided, employees are able to solve any problem that pops up on their own. They understand the software and its functionalities, so they are able to use it properly. They also won’t need to consult the original briefing to remember how to perform every single function. All of this together contributes to a higher employee productivity rate overall.

3. Cost Effective

As the saying goes, time is money when it comes to business. With all the time saved by utilizing ERP system certifications, you have an organization that is spending the optimal amount of time performing tasks. Instead of paying employees for the time they spent trying to solve problems or trying to get someone else to solve for them, you now pay them for the work they were hired to do.

Employee training during ERP implementation might seem like an extra cost that you don’t need hanging over your head, but it is always more than worth it in the long run.

4. Less Risk

The main objective of any ERP software is to streamline processes throughout your business and ensure that everyone is on the same page. However, a lack of ERP certifications training among employees means that most employees won’t understand the main objective and will continue dealing with separate data repositories, giving rise to a whole number of errors like redundancy and inconsistency.

However, giving employees access to proper ERP certifications instills in your workforce the main objective and enables them to always be on the same page. The same data is shared across all departments within the organization, so the chances of human error due to inconsistency are minimized and sometimes even eliminated.  Providing ERP system certifications also improves the quality of data you use in your company significantly.

5. Keep Existing Employees

It is common for a large number of companies to need to hire new employees after implementing their ERP system. This is because organizations who did not provide access to ERP certifications realize that their existing employees are just unable to adapt to the new system, sometimes leading to worse results than before implementation. Therefore these organizations hire additional staff who are either already trained in the proper ERP certifications or are more experienced in the field in order to keep up with the new ERP system.

However, this entire process is counter-productive because new hires will still need some time to adjust to the company, even if they have previous training. Not to mention the fact that employees that have been working at a business longer are typically more loyal and understand the company better as a whole. 

Providing access to extensive ERP certifications and training will make it easier for your existing employees to adapt to the new system without becoming redundant in the process. The foundation of any company is its workforce, so it’s up to you to assist them in this transition instead of discarding them.

6. Better Overall Results

To summarize, with the proper ERP training provided to employees, your company:

- Saves money

- Saves time

- Makes employees more productive

- Lowers the chances of errors

- Implements the ERP software faster on average

It goes without saying that all of these factors work together to provide better overall results for your company. Positive workforce dynamics will start to form, not only because employees understand the main ideology of ERP better but also understand the sheer potential ERP holds. In other words, all of the benefits that ERP promises you can only be achieved when your workforce is properly trained and working together to achieve them.

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