ERP Certifications

Once you have fully integrated ERP solutions into your business, the next logical step is to become an expert on the software. Not only does Erphub provide access to expert assistance, but we also offer opportunities for you to be certified in multiple different areas of expertise or industries. Take a look at some of the ERP software and CRM certifications we offer below:

Certifications We Offer

Zoho System Administrator Certifications -This certification is for Superadmins of Zoho One or any Zoho app.
Zoho User Certification -These certification is for the day to day users of Zoho. The certification quizzes will focus mostly on common features that users need to utilize in and out. These can be general Zoho certifications, or they can be specific for an industry or client. We can work with any client to design their specific training programs for their systems and then put together quizzes and certifications.
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