ZOHO Recruit: The Right Tools for your Talent Strategy

By - Usama
October 18, 2022 08:47 AM

Today’s organizations are in the midst of a fast-paced, digital transformation. To keep pace with this transformation and drive innovation, these companies have stepped up their game by creating strategies to attract and retain top talent. Recruiting is one of the most important functions in HR that helps you source potential employees and build a strong workforce to support your business goals. 

However, finding the right people with the right skills is challenging for hiring managers because there are so many different job sites and social media platforms to search through. In this blog post, we will explore different recruitment tools from ZOHO, an initiative done by certified ZOHO consultants like Erphub, that will help you manage applicants more efficiently and streamline your recruitment process for a win-win outcome for both you and your candidates.

Why use a Recruitment Tool?

Recruitment is a critical function in the HR department of an organization. It is important to source the right talent for your open roles so that you can build a strong workforce to achieve your business goals. With tools to make your recruitment process easier, you can spend more time focusing on the hiring managers’ needs and skill sets. 

Moreover, you can also use these tools to automate your internal communications with all parties involved in the hiring process, such as hiring managers, recruiters, candidates, and hiring authorities. A recruitment tool will help you connect with the right candidates for your job postings. With the help of features like a candidate tracking system, skill testing, and an internal portal, you can manage applicants efficiently, shorten the hiring cycle, and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks related to the recruitment process.

Talent Acquisition Dashboard

The Talent Acquisition Dashboard is a visual and interactive representation of your hiring goals, performance, and overall hiring health. With the help of this dashboard, you can see the status of candidate flow, hiring priorities, and hiring resource requirements. It will help you manage hiring goals by providing insights into your hiring pipeline and helping you to answer questions like 

Where are we with the hiring process? 

What hiring goals have been set for the month? 

what hiring activities need to be prioritized? 

and so on...

The dashboard also helps you to identify any hiring issues and take corrective action. This one-stop shop for all your hiring needs will help you see what is happening with your hiring activities at a glance.

Job Ads in ZOHO Recruit

Zoho Recruit’s job ads are created to help you attract top talent from across the globe. It offers job advertising on the following websites:


LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest professional networks with a huge user base of over 550 million people. This job board gives you the ability to reach out to a wide audience with your job ads.


Indeed is the world’s largest job search engine. This job board gives you the ability to reach out to a wide audience with your job ads. - Google - Google’s job board allows you to select the geographical location of your job ads. 

ZOHO Recruit

Zoho Recruit’s job board allows you to create and post your jobs on the Zoho Recruit site. Once your job is published on your company’s site, you can share it with your network

Auto Talent Matching

ZOHO Recruit allows you to create a shortlisted list of candidates with smart auto-matching. You can create a candidate profile on ZOHO Recruit by specifying the hiring manager, job location, and the required skill set and education. You can also upload your company’s standard employment agreement and other related documents. 

Once you have created a candidate profile, you can select the number of candidates to be shortlisted. The auto-matching feature will help you find the best candidates with the right skill set without any manual intervention. It will also help you save time and effort by shortlisting candidates based on the criteria that you have specified while creating the candidate profile.

Shortlisted Talent List

Once you have created a shortlisted list of candidates, you can manage their details and take an organized approach to the hiring process. ZOHO Recruit will help you communicate with your candidates, get feedback on your job posting, schedule interview slots, and share your employment details. This way, you can stay organized with your hiring process and manage your communications with multiple candidates at the same time.

ZOHO Recruit Video Interviewing

ZOHO Recruit’s video interviewing feature helps you conduct virtual interviews with candidates. You can conduct interviews from your desk and share your screen with your candidates to see their skill sets and experience. This feature allows you to invite candidates to a common online video meeting room that is hosted by ZOHO and conduct your interview there. You can also invite candidates to conduct a video interview using their webcam or Smartphone. Once the interview is over, you can mark the videos and directly send them to your hiring manager.

Organization Wise Recruiting Team

ZOHO Recruit’s Organization Wise Recruiting Team feature allows you to create virtual teams for hiring activities. You can add hiring managers to your team along with hiring authorities like the HR team, hiring manager’s manager, and the hiring manager’s direct report. The recruiting team’s dashboard allows you to see the status of hiring activities and the overall hiring health, just like the Talent Acquisition Dashboard. It also allows you to create a shortlisted list of candidates and communicate with them.

Wrapping up

Recruiting is no longer a single-team activity; it involves multiple stakeholders like HR, hiring managers, hiring authorities, etc. ZOHO Recruit’s various functionality and integrations with other ZOHO apps allow you to manage all your recruiting activities in one place and take an organized approach to the hiring process. With these tools, you can shorten the hiring cycle, decrease the time spent on administrative tasks related to the recruitment process, and make the hiring process more efficient.
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