How ZOHO People Can Help To Digitize Your HR Department?

By - Sham
March 09, 2022 07:51 AM

It is a fact that the competition in almost all the global industries is reaching newfound heights. Businesses across the board are being forced to become more efficient than ever before. To gain this competitive edge, organizations worldwide are now automating their processes with the help of software like ZOHO CRM for small and medium businesses.

And Human Resources or HR department of any business is considered the pivotal point for its success or decline.

In this sense, automation of the HR department for any business has become a necessity rather than a business feature. According to the Billionaire Entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson, "Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients."

As a statement from a successful global entrepreneur, we can understand how critical human resources are for any company's success.

We can also say that there is an effective HR department behind any successful business. The mission of this department is to ensure that their company reaches its goals, and they do so by on-boarding the best intellectual assets in their company – Your Human Resources!

Keep reading this article to find out how ZOHO people help HR managers and directors to achieve excellence in their departments.

The HR department is responsible for hiring the ideal candidate, managing their details, time, and resources, their performance, and so much more. Whether you are in charge of a small or a big company, you'll receive numerous benefits using automation tools from recognized ZOHO people consultants.

ZOHO people help you automate your HR department while it also enables you to save time and money in several ways. Some of these ways are mentioned below:

Create a Lasting Impression

According to recent studies, the potential candidate decides to stay or leave any company in their first three months, also known as the probationary period. In Fortune 500 companies, it is estimated that close to half of hired employees leave their company in less than two years.

ZOHO people help in your staff integration procedures to ensure minimal losses. However, these include many forms, induction programs, wage contracts, sharing of computer systems, and training of new employees. With automation, you can structure workflows to carry out multiple activities instantaneously.

For example, suppose you hire a professional ZOHO people consultant. In that case, they can enable you to request computer equipment identification cards automatically and give employees access to directly add or edit their data, which speeds up the selection and hiring of staff and reduces the time needed to train a new employee.

Follow-up Smartly

An HR manager who spends time on spreadsheets, files, or sorting out emails will end up doing nothing else. An average HR manager usually spends a lot of time just sorting through employee attendance hours in the week.

Automation tools help us track and calculate hours worked by sending authorizations to the payroll or billing department. It can also be done in real-time by setting multiple permissions at once. Not only will you save time, but you will be exceedingly productive.

Make Quick and Easy Time-out Approvals   

Some companies still manage their requests for time off in the traditional way, such as by utilizing emails, word of mouth, or sometimes with post-its. However, what if the administrative hierarchy required you to manage at multiple levels? Or if HR were left out of job applications or leave forms?

Everything would become a long process with many untraceable requests and permissions.

For this reason, almost half of human resources personnel prefer automated systems like ZOHO CRM for small and medium businesses to instantly update workers' history. Now, this is spot-on automation! It can even be managed through mobile applications to provide utility to organizations like yours.

Enable your Staff

Each employee has different needs. Some travel and have to make requests for their trips and submit expense reports. Others may have to contact the HR department constantly to update their personal and professional information.

As a business grows, more employees will request assistance from the HR department. Manually managing multiple entries of constantly changing data and other requests can be challenging for anyone where ZOHO people's help is not available.

In recent times, HR systems allow employees to manage all these activities themselves. For example, an employee signs up for a training program directly through the ZOHO people system. It will enable the system to create a work process that automatically adds the training details to your file once it concludes.

It empowers your employee and greatly reduces the department's workload.

Integrate with Other Systems

Automation is the key to integrating with external programs. With the help of APIs (Application Programming Interface), information can be quickly exchanged and communicated to any external application. For example, when an inventory expense report is approved, a notification will be instantly sent to the accounting program to process its reimbursement value.

It is equally helpful in cases where companies use more than one system to manage their HR activities. Automating your HR department helps reduce pressure on staff, increases productivity, and improves worker complicity.

Companies worldwide are increasingly automating their work tools so that their employees are closer to the company's goals. It's time for you to do it too. The perfect tool to automate your Human Resources department is Zoho People, which instantly performs critical tasks to gain efficiency in your HR department.

Is your Human Resource Department digitalized with the latest recruitment tools?

Human Resources departments are vital to create and introduce new processes, and unfortunately, most of the time, they are not automated. What does it mean that they are not automated, one might ask?

It means that thousands of requests are handled manually, via email, WhatsApp, endless excel spreadsheets. The information often ends up lost in one of these media or is duplicated in all of them.

In addition to being highly inefficient, lack of automation gives a feeling of unprofessionalism throughout the company, especially if your competition is applying automation in their departments. Since the Human Resources department interlinks across the entire company. It is even the first impression that new candidates have about the company.

Integrating ZOHO people in your organization will help you hire, manage and retain your top resources in the best way possible. Get your one-stop solution for achieving exceptional human resource performance to keep ahead of your competition.

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