How To Find The Best ERP Consulting Services For Your Business

By - Sham
June 09, 2022 10:38 AM

Once you’ve decided to go forward with implementing ERP into your business, the next big step is finding an ERP consultant to help you through the whole process. While there might be a decent amount of options for ERP consulting services, even if they’re a quality company, they might not be right for you. ERP consulting services can differ depending on a lot of different factors, so choosing the best one for your business can be tricky; unless you know what to look for.

Types Of Consulting Services ERP

There are three main types of ERP consultants.

Functional Consultant

A functional consultant, which is sometimes also referred to as an ERP implementation consultant, is usually your first point of contact. Their role is to gather and analyze their client’s needs to better understand the company’s specific business processes. Their goal is to write the project’s specifications, complete the configuration, and run diagnostics and tests to ensure efficiency.

They review existing business processes that will be modified using the ERP software and remodel them to better adapt to the needs of the business. It’s not always possible for the software to solve all of your problems without any tweaking. A functional consultant will use gathered information and their own expertise to determine what the best solution is and ensure that identified issues are considered during implementation.

Technical Consultant

A technical consultant supplies technical assistance to their clients to fill in the gaps. In some instances, they may also be required to develop functions specific to the client’s industry and processes. They have to produce specific technical specifications detailing the contents of the delivery.

Technical consultants are also in charge of establishing and implementing the solutions based on the client’s ERP. Based on the size of the project, they can sometimes play a role in supporting a functional consultant.

The technical consultant is typically proficient in one or more programming languages. Finding a consultant who is proficient in a programming language related to your industry is a good idea. He or she is also an expert in that specific ERP and has a good understanding of the industry’s unique requirements. They can also take care of developing interfaces with other applications.

SME (Subject Matter Expert)

Resource employees who work for the client, sometimes referred to as Subject Matter Experts (SME), have an in-depth knowledge of at least one industry, routine operations, and the history of the organization they work for. They’re typically influential players within the organization and are widely recognized as experts on the specific operational process. They act as help to any outside consultants to help them better understand any problems faced, existing processes, and company goals.

While the responsibility and duties of ERP consulting services will mainly be given to either the technical or functional consultant, their effectiveness will rely on the resource employees assigned to the project. These key employees contribute to the success of the solution by taking part in reviews, requirements, development, and approval tests. Resource employees are vital to the success of the project, and without their involvement, the delivery team would be less capable of defining and testing requirements.

What To Consider When Choosing An ERP Consultant

Once you find ERP business consulting services you’re interested in, here are some tips that you can use to evaluate them and determine whether they’re right for your business:

  1. Try to find consultants with experience in your specific industry and with your company size. While you can still work with ERP consultancy services that aren’t industry-specific, your end results will likely not be nearly as good.

  2. An ERP consultant should always consider your needs and the limitations of the software first in order to create the best results. You can typically figure out if a consultant is good at investigating this by evaluating the requirements they have gathered and the steps they take to elevate your business operations.

  3. Communication and responsiveness are extremely important factors in the ERP implementation process. If your processes include any constraints or unforeseen errors, experienced ERP consultants will essentially make it easier for your business and the ERP solution to work together in harmony. You’ll also want a consultant who is both reactive and proactive when it’s necessary.

  4. Once the software and solution have been implemented, it is important for the ERP consultant to educate your employees on how to utilize the software in the most effective way. Without this critical skill, your team members will feel very unprepared when trying to use the software and, consequently, make your business lose time and money.

  5. An ERP consultant should have in-depth and vast product knowledge as well as present multiple options to you for you to consider. It’s also a good idea to ensure that your ERP consultant can customize your new system to fit the requirements of your unique company. 

Extra Tip: Consider looking for ERP consultancy services that are available in the same area as you or that have great reviews in your area. Finding ERP consulting services close to you can have more advantages than finding services from a different region or country because their knowledge of what works where you live is likely minimal. For example, a company based in England will have different accepted laws and principles than a company based in America. 

If your business is attempting to Integrate ERP software into your existing system instead of the other way around, just know that you might not be able to integrate them seamlessly. It’s important to ask your consultant what is possible before making any impossible goals.

These points are some of the most important things you need to consider when choosing the right ERP consulting services for your business. Following these tips can propel your company forward, both in terms of growth and success.

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