Everything You Need To Know About Zoho Consultants

By - Sham
August 12, 2022 11:26 AM

Have you heard of Zoho? It's a unique and powerful suite of various kinds of software that can help you run your business more efficiently. Zoho specializes in CRM, ERP, and so much more, and all that you need to be able to master it all is a good Zoho consultant to guide you along your way. The only problem is, how will you know what to look for or what to ask a Zoho consultant? To start, it's essential to understand the meaning behind Zoho consulting and what it can do for your business.

What Is Zoho Consulting?

The expert Zoho consulting team offers a specialized skill set for every project they work on. Their Zoho consultants enable your business to make smarter investments, improve business practices, and save you time and money. Their goal is to close the gap between business needs and solutions through extensive collaboration with clients.

Zoho-certified consultants will sit with you to analyze your business practices and goals. From that point on, the Zoho consultants can provide a detailed plan to follow moving forward. This plan will contain a certified Zoho solution.

Throughout your project or implementation (depending on whether you had an ERP or CRM installed previously), the strategies they employ will help them adapt quickly as your business and technology needs evolve – all while ensuring you get a solid return on your investment.

The Zoho consulting services include Zoho CRM, Zoho Finance Suite (which includes Zoho Books and Zoho Inventory), Zoho Creator, Zoho Projects, Zoho Desk, and many other Zoho-affiliated apps. Zoho Consulting services also provide the best ways to integrate Zoho with third-party apps you might already have implemented, such as QuickBooks, Wave, etc.

Top Things To Consider When Hiring A Zoho Consultant

Below are the first things you should consider when deciding which Zoho consulting services are best for your business.

What Do You Want In A Zoho Consultant

You will receive the most benefits from Zoho's various applications and the easiest implementation process when you hire a Zoho consultant to work with you on the project. Zoho-certified consultants have been trained by Zoho to sell, manage, and implement all Zoho solutions. Zoho consultants are so well trained, in fact, that they provide the best training and ongoing support available in the industry today.

When considering what you value most in a Zoho Consultant, try to find someone who offers a detailed plan of how they are going to improve your business practices and/or ensure a smooth implementation upfront. A detailed analysis of how the software will integrate with your business processes will ensure that everyone is on the same page in the future and that fewer mistakes are made overall. 

You should also ask any potential Zoho consultant if they are able to provide you with examples of how they have helped similar businesses succeed or any evidence of their expertise. Seeing how Zoho applications helped other companies can also help reveal additional ways the Zoho software can be utilized in your own business. 

Another question that you can ask is if the Zoho consultant offers any training or services after implementation and initial training is complete. If the Zoho consultant can help you in the future, it can save time by continuing to work with someone who already knows the ins and outs of your business.

Zoho applications are known for being highly customizable. You might be considering using Zoho just for CRM, but did you know that Zoho has multiple app bundles available? If you are torn between sticking to just one application or wanting more, the bundle is the best way to implement various solutions for the best price. A Zoho consultant can help you decide which bundle is right for you or if one solution is all you need.

Tell Your Zoho Consultant As Much As You Can

Being an expert on how businesses operate and knowing everything there is to know about every Zoho solution is a key factor to consider when looking for a quality Zoho Consultant. When a Zoho consultant is brought onto a project, they take the time to learn everything about your business, especially its strengths and weaknesses. By establishing this level of understanding, they can recommend the perfect customized solution that ensures you receive the best return on your investment. 

Zoho consultants should be experts in knowing all the layers of Zoho CRM customization available for your business. Zoho-certified consultants also typically have a team of expert developers and industry leaders available to help create a cost-effective and successful strategy. As long as they have all of the information that they need, they can significantly improve your business operations.

What Problems Are You Facing?

Experiencing problems with any application can be frustrating for your staff and can eat away at their efficiency. It's worthwhile to understand the problems your business is facing by asking your staff to walk you through them so that you fully understand the issue. After that, you can pass on this information to a Zoho consultant, who can then hone in on the problem and solve it. 

But you can even take it a step further. You can also discuss the general areas of your business that you think could be improved with your Zoho-certified consultant. You can ask your Zoho consultant to provide a training plan that addresses any current or future obstacles

Does The Zoho Consultant Offer Custom Web Interface?

Ask all of your Zoho consultant candidates if they are willing to create a private customer web portal for your business. A private customer web portal is designed specifically to provide your business with the ability to interact with Zoho CRM. A customer web portal can be an amazing tool for both you and your staff. It's a secure website that provides your customers access to any account-specific information 24/7. This can add a level of trust to your business.

Consider any customer information you might want to add to a secure web portal for your customers to look at or what additional user information is beneficial for you to analyze. There are a number of ways a web portal can work with all Zoho solutions to help improve communications with your customers and boost your revenue.

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